Thousands of people from all around the United States have trusted us to deliver them a healthy, furry family member. Read what some of our customers have to say about us!


Ryan Koch, DVM and Family

We are loving our new family member, Waldo! He has been very healthy and strong and has fit well into our family. You can tell he had been loved on at your home as he is confident and socialized. Thanks again!


Daniels Family - Houston

Taco is my first dog in my life. I didn’t have any experience how to pick it good puppy? However, I am so lucky and meet Nancy from puppy.com.

She is such honestly and nice breeder. So far, Taco with us almost 16 months, she is smart, healthy and good personality Shiba Inu. We bring her to do agility training, she did 2nd place in the AKC agility class test. Our trainer always say Taco is amazing Shiba Inu dog.
Thank you so much, Nancy!


Maverick the Aussiedoodle

A wonderful experience from the start - Nancy & Tim answered all our questions about Aussiedoodle pups, provided timely photos and videos, honest & reasonably-priced.

Our 1st visit was smooth w/ ZERO pressure. The pups were happy and healthy. Tim was a hoot to visit with while my wife and daughter played w/ the 2 puppies.

Our 2nd visit, THE BEST ONE, we retrieved Maverick, our first Aussiedoodle!

We have enjoyed growing w/ him, watching our daughter take on new and lasting lessons of responsibility and just cuddle him!

"I feel the need, the need for speed!" Our "Top Gun" Aussiedoodle ,thanks to Nancy & Tim!



Just prior to COVID we unexpectedly lost our dog of 11 years. While we were all home we decided it was a great time for a puppy. We reached out to Nancy and Tim, we took a drive to Baileyville and met our Arthur and decided he would be a great addition to our family. He has brought so much joy to our family the past year. He was so trainable and has the best personality. When he celebrated his 1st birthday we decided he needed a sibling. Olive has been with us for about a month now and she and Arthur are the best of friends. We can’t say enough about Tim and Nancy. They were great to work with and raise wonderful dogs.


Linda, Missouri

Finding a responsible breeder you trust is your first and most important step to finding your new best fur friend. I found mine with Nancy at Precious Midwest Puppies, who I have worked with in picking out my two Shiba Inu puppies during 2020 . One of the biggest benefits working with Nancy was that I felt connected with her right away that she understood my needs in a dog. She was very quick to respond and knowledgeable with answers to all my questions . We are very pleased with the qualities our Shibas have and would expect any dog from this breeder would be first class. I am happy I now have a good rapport with Nancy and her husband if anything arises they are here to help me. I would highly recommend them as a 5 Star Breeder😁


Alireza, California

After doing lots of research about smart dog breeds, I decided to get an Aussiedoodle, I read the reviews about PRECIOUS MIDWEST PUPPIES, talked with Nancy and asked questions and even though I live in California, I decided to goto Kansas and pickup my baby,

I've had MY Beautiful girl for 1 month now and could not be happier. She is an extremely social, happy, and most importantly HEALTHY girl, (when I got back home I took her to the Vet and she is extremely healthy), You can tell Nancy spends a lot of time with her pups, my pup still looking for her and I can tell Nancy gave her Love. She is there to answer any questions you may have and it has been a great choice


Two and a half years ago,I purchase my lovely (Westie) Ava from Nancy. Ava is the happiest and friendly dog that I’ve ever met. Everyone including the vet commented on what a joy she is.
One of my biggest fears is skin allergies and aggression. Ava passed with flying colors. Nancy has been such a blessing to me for letting me have my precious little girl

It’s been so busy since we picked up Ruger. We got back home to Waco, Texas Sunday. Since then, Ruger has been such a delight the kids are so in love with him and he has such a perfect personality for our family already! He got to go meet the teacher with us last night. He traveled through Oklahoma and the bottom side of Kansas to get here and last night he enjoyed swimming with the kids in our pool. This weekend we will travel to Mississippi and meet my husbands family with us and then will come with me to drop the kids off for their first day back to school on Monday. Ms. Nancy we can’t thank you and your husband enough. Here are a few pictures of Ruger Barry (his name is in honor of my husband‘s mother who recently passed away)
Thank you so much and have a blessed day!



Hi Tim, just wanted to let you know that we made it home safe and how much my husband and I appreciate you and your wife for giving us this puppy. He is absolutely adorable and was such a good boy traveling.
He’s adjusting to our home and we are so thankful to have him. Thank you for your time, willingness to accommodate me as I traveled from Lubbock and your professionalism. Take care, 🙂



It was an absolute joy and pleasure working with Tim and Nancy! They made every part of the process so seamless, simple, and enjoyable.
My wife and I would absolutely recommend getting your precious puppy from them. Our puppy, Pippy, has truly become one of our best friends and she is the sweetest dog ever! We are so thankful that Tim and Nancy were there for us when we were ready to become puppy parents 🙂 we couldn’t imagine life without our little Pippy.



 Hi, Just a quick note to say "Thank You" again, and to show you two photos of our new puppy named Chipper that we got from you, and our older dog, Holly Kate.  They are doing very well together.
We took Chipper to the Vet last Thursday afternoon, after we got him, and he checked out fine.  We took Chipper to our Groomer on Tuesday, and she said he was SO Cute and behaved really well for his first Grooming appointment.
We wanted you to see his photos of him now, too.  He's so adorable and sweet.  You raised him so well.  He lets us know when he needs to go, too.
Thank You.
Dana & Mark Cunningham 
Holly Kate & Chipper



Tim,  I thought I’d better send you a couple of photos before “Mitzi” outgrew the puppy stage!  The first night she pulled out all stops and cried a lot, but we got through the “ruff” times and she has been sleeping nearly all night ever since.  Such a smart little girl and learns quickly.  Leash training was a “walk in the park” (pardon the pun).  We’re still having a meeting of the minds on bathroom protocol, but it’s a work in progress and we’ve made great strides.  We’re having a super time together and when she works off some of the excess energy she loves to lay in my lap and cuddle.  Today Jamie Berges came over with her traveling van to update her health records, gave a booster shot, etc. She weighs a little over 6# now and I was told she’s the picture of health.  A girl always needs to look her best, so a bath and brushing will be in order sometime this week while the weather is still nice.  I couldn’t be more pleased with my newest family member and looking forward to a lot more good times together.  Thanks for letting me take her home. 🙂  Sharon Polson



Hi Nancy!! Just wanted to thank you again for such a special little guy that has brought all kinds of smiles to so many people lives!! Everyone at work just LOVES him!!! His name is Sammy and he is just so spunky and full of love!! I took him to the vet yesterday and they said he is a happy and healthy pup. I appreciate you all so so much!! He had brought so much jot to my life over the last week!! I hope you all are doing well!

IMG_9047 copy

Millie Baker

Millie Baker loves her new home! She's full of energy & lots of fun - so playful! We love her so much & can't imagine life without her! She's potty training great and is doing better each night in her crate at bedtime! The vet said she's the perfect little puppy, very healthy! She gets her next shots next weekend. Overall, she is doing great and has made the perfect pet for us <3 thank you!!!!!


Steven Tyler/Aerosmith

Look who has one of our puppies!


Nicholas Koch


"I highly recommend Tim and Nancy! They made the purchase of Django such a breeze. They are very knowledgable, sell high quality pups and are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Django is the healthiest and smartest little pup that I know of! High fives all around!"


Donata Romaniello Reeve

West Highland Terrier

"Thanks to Nancy and Tim we brought home our newest addition Murphy. She is so very sweet and getting along with her sisters Madison and McKayla! She has completed our family. Tim and Nancy were great to work with and answered our every question! I would buy another puppy from them check out their website."


Pamela Marie Fergus


"The thought of a new puppy overwhelmed us a bit but this has been such a fun experience. Bentley has brought a lot of joy and laughter to our home. Thank you Precious Midwest Puppies for helping this little blessing become a part of our family. You are great people to work with and we couldn't be happier!! Thank you again!




"Here is what Khloe (Lucy) looks like. We are so in love with her! She is about 2.5 pounds and so ornery. Thank you for giving us the best dog ever."

IMG_1462 copy

"We drove all the way from Houston, Texas to bring our new family member back to his furrever home!"


The Masons

Yorkie Poo

"We drove from Fort Dodge, Iowa to pick up our brand new puppy. We are so happy!"



French Bulldog

"Working with Precious Midwest Puppies to bring home our baby Norman was a great pleasure.  They made the whole process very easy and provided a very happy, healthy puppy, whom we love dearly.  Highly recommended."



This is my baby Bella. She is two. You knew her as Lacey. She is definitely a mommy’s girl!! I love her soooo much!! Thank you for letting us buy her!! I’d have a dozen just like her.




Khloe is a Teacup Maltese and is the best companion a person could ask for.  She was born January 11, 2010 and is growing up too fast.  Although she can be quite the stinker at times, Khloe is a playful dog and most importantly is loved by all.  Khloe is worth every penny I have spent on her and she is quite the spoiled baby!  I know that when the times comes for me to get another dog, the first person I contact will be Tim.  She was a healthy puppy and was current on all her shots when I got her.  Khloe has a great disposition for a small dog and most importantly, loves to snuggle!  THANKS A MILLION Tim & family!!!
Kearney, Nebraska



I have been meaning to email you and let you know how Banjo is doing. Well, he is doing great! He ate the day he came home and we never had any sickness or anything. He was a breeze to take care of. He is a little stinker though. He loves to bite on his toys and sometimes the kids too! I think he has "small dog syndrome" as he barks and growls at big dogs like he is sooo tough. He is doing great at potty training, but we are still working on that. He has gotten so big.

He is 5 mos old now and he had his first haircut today and is such a cutie! We are so in love with him and are so happy we got him. We do admit though that puppies are a lot of work, but we all have been committed to doing what is best for Banjo and it has worked out great. We take him to puppy daycare when I am at work two days a week. Otherwise I am here to take care of him. He experienced lots of new things those first couple months with us. Like swimming at the lake and taking long walks/runs. He even went camping with us once.

He already completed his first puppy class and is now certified at sitting and laying down on command. 🙂  You really have a quality breeding business and I have been referring lots of people to you. People always ask me where we got Banjo!  Enjoy the pictures and thank you for everything and for helping bring such joy into our lives!
The Haes FamilyMackenzie
Kearney, Nebraska



Overall great experience! Really nice family, super clean place, and a lovable pup! Would definitely recommend for someone looking for a new, furry friend.


Alison Oct. 2023

Hi there Nancy. I thought you might like to see an update of Miss Pearl (her name is Winnie now) She is the sweetest girl and so smart! She’s very popular around here lol! It was such a good experience working with you and your family. Thank you.