About Us


Our Philosophy

Knowledgeable and reputable breeders spend a great amount of time and money to guarantee that they are producing healthy puppies with good temperaments.  For this reason; we make sure our dogs are current on all immunizations, have regular vet care, proper grooming, and exercise.

Breeding puppies is a business we take very seriously.  We will not allow our puppies to leave our facility until they are ready physically and mentally. This is to ensure that you get a strong, healthy, and happy puppy that will adapt well to your environment.

We are located in a rural area of Kansas on a farm. You are always welcome to come see our puppies and take one home for your very own. I feel everyone should have a puppy, especially a child! We will work with you to make sure we match you with the right puppy and we educate you on what to expect when buying one.